Starting a business from home isn’t a simple route, however, people have been doing it for years. Apple Computer, Hershey’s Chocolate, Mary Kay Cosmetics  all started from home. While you aren’t likely to grow your home-based business into a gigantic gigantic corporation, it could provide you a measure of independence and satisfaction and income. And, think about it: You’ve got something none of the founders of those companies had: the internet!

Here are 7 businesses you can start from your home, thanks to the internet.

1. Freelance writing

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If you have a talent for writing and appreciate the craft enough you can even form your career as a writer from home. Freelance writing has become a much more viable career path thanks to technology, to start as a writer all you need is a computer and connection to the internet. Here are 28 different places where you can find freelance writing jobs that will let you work from home.

2. Selling handmade crafts and collectibles

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If you already have a passion for making handmade paper products, quilting, knitting, crocheting, glass working, sewing, basket weaving, making pottery or even welding then why not turn that skill into a business. The internet offers tons of options for selling handmade costs, is’s 5 Best Online Marketplaces for handmade goods. And if you need specific help check out our earlier post: 6 Tips From Etsy To Help You Craft A Better Online Retailing Strategy.

3. Private tutoring

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Do you have strong academic knowledge, an energetic personality when working with people, or are simply passionate about helping others? If yes to any or all of these things, becoming a private tutor might be the home business for you. At first you will have to acquire students on your own, drawing from your community, but have no fear there will always be students who will benefit from one-on-one help.

4. Bookkeeping

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Many small business owners don’t have the time (nor desire) to keep track of finances. One of the first outsourced services they consider is bookkeeping. If you are good with numbers and have experience working with accounting software such as Intuit’s Quickbooks then you could start managing the books of other small businesses in your community. (Note: Be sure to understand your local licensing, regulatory or other requirements for providing services related to bookkeeping and accounting or other financial-related services.)

5. Online marketing services.

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Social media and other forms of digital marketing services are needed more than ever.  If you can show how you’ve mastered certain skills and have been able to successfully provide results to other clients–or in your current job–there are many examples of people who turned their Twitter talents into a business. (Warning: Don’t claim to be a social media guru if your Twitter account has less than 100 followers and the last time you tweeted was 2009.

6. Digitizing photographs and video

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There are millions of photographs and videotapes sitting in boxes in homes all throughout your neighborhood. Sure, people can take those to a drugstore and get them scanned, but you’d be amazed how many of them will trust you with their photos rather than the drugstore.

7. Bed & Breakfast

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If you have the room and can offer your customers satisfactory lodging, then running a bed & breakfast from your home could be in your future. Are you cut out for it? Try AirBNB to give you a glimpse at what you might be getting into.

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