This free and clever online start-up calculator from CardConnect enables a user to estimate the costs of starting a new business. Note: There are aways plenty of “gotcha” costs that you’ll likely discover along your start-up journey. So, use the calculater as a tool for estimating — loosely — but always seek advice from your professional advisors and other experts.

Click over to the startup cost calculator.

Bonus | While the promotional tool uses the term “start-up,” it can also be used for planning any major project or product launch. Just be sure to adjust for the specific costs you may — or my not — need to include in the project.

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What are startup costs?

Startup costs refer to any costs involved in the setting up of your business, including expenses incurred in getting your business to the point where it’s ready to start selling to customers.

Click over to the startup cost calculator.

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  • Firstpick your startup size (bootstrap, medium or large). This choice will serve as the basis for your startup calculator. 
  • Nextname your project. Give your project a suitable name and then click the ‘Save’ icon to create a unique web link for your calculator, which you can return to at a later date.
  • Fill in your calculator. The size of startup you selected at the beginning of the process will dictate the starting point for your overall costs.

There are six broad factors the calculator factors into the start up cost:

  • Pre-trading | These are the costs you’ll incur to set up your business, including articles of incorporation and obtaining appropriate licenses.
  • Administration | Fees related to accounting, bookkeeping and insurance – plus any ongoing professional fees (legal or consultant).
  • Marketing | Market research and marketing for launch.
  • Operations |  Cost off starting inventory/materials, in addition to general supplies, postage/shipping costs, and telephone & internet charges.
  • People | Employee or free-lancer costs. (Labor)
  • Space. Rental charges for office hardware and software

Contengency funds can be reflected in “costs available” in each category.

  • Keep your calculator updated. As you discover new information or carry out fresh research, return to the calculator using your saved web link and update your figures.
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Examples of start-up costs by category

Each calcuator “guide” contains a link to a pre-set startup cost calculator, to help you get started.

You will need to do a little extra research into your own state/location to ensure you are able to accurately predict your expenses.

Good luck.

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