Thanks to being in a test-city for Google’s ultra-high-speed internet service, some small businesses in Kansas City, Mo., could have access to the super-fast fiber network in the next few months, according to the Kansas City Star. (Provo and Austin are the other two test locations.) Google’s service, called Google Fiber, will provide an internet connection speed of one gigabit per second, roughly 100 times faster access than most Americans have.

While Google has initially focused on residential service, according to the Star, it has begun sending questionnaires to businesses in the network area. In the notice, Google Fiber said it would connect a “limited number of small businesses’ to its network “in the next few months.”

The questionnaires asked the businesses about what industries they’re in, number of employees, if managers have Google Fiber at home, their use of cloud storage and technical issues about their existing provider.

Google recently announced that the company has “started early discussions with 34 cities in nine metro areas around the United States to explore what it would take to bring a new fiber-optic network to their community.”

Disclosure: comes to you from Nashville, one of those 34 cities being considered. Excuse our lack of neutrality if we say we’d love to have Google Fiber 100 times more than any other place. (If you’d like to say why your city should be selected, please feel free to add a comment below.)


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