Park your ego at the door, says Johanna Frelin, CEO of Hyper Island. In our constantly changing digital world, it’s time for managers to accept the fact that they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s ok to ask for help.


Look around. The world is changing. Quickly. It is digital. It is data-driven. It is mobile. It is social. It is everywhere. Leadership in this new world takes not just a new way of doing business, but a new way of understanding these always shifting challenges driven by digital. Managers need to relearn what it means to be a leader and, perhaps more frighteningly, they have to relearn how to learn. They must recognize that turning fear into opportunity means confronting personal digital insecurities and pressing business problems by embracing an egoless, collaborative approach to problem solving.

Read full blog post: To be a digital leader, put your ego on hold, (Lean Back Blog, The Economist Group)

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