Receiving unsolicited spam phone calls, including robocalls and texts with fake (or “spoof”) caller IDs, is  one of the most common complaints filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Small businesses — including those using both landline and mobile devices — can use the following resources to file complaints and learn more about what you can do to combat spam calls and texts. (Source: FCC)

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FCC Information on Common Types of Spam Calls and Texts

Here are links to FCC information regarding common types unsolicited (and illegal) calls and texts, including ways to file a complaint with the FCC, your carrier or relevant trade associations.

Industry Resources on Typical Spam Calls and Texts

These resources are provided to help small business users of specific wireless, traditional landline, and VoIP voice services. The links are to companies that provide such services. (The links take you to information that is not on


Information from mobile (cellular) providers.

  • AT&T   Here are ways we can all prevent, stop, and protect one another from fraud.
  • CTIA   (CTIA is the wireless industry trade association) Blocking robocalls resources page.
  • CTIA   Step-by-step instructions on how to block individual numbers based on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows operating systems; and list of third party apps to block unwanted calls.
  • Google Play   | Update for phone app for Android Marshmallow device.
  • Google Project Fi   | Call blocking help page for Project Fi wireless service.
  • T-Mobile   | Name ID app for identifying and blocking dangerous calls and texts.
  • U.S. Cellular   | Consumer information and tips for stopping robocalls.
  • US Telecom   | Trade association’s consumer education, tools and resources for stopping robocalls
  • Verizon   | Customer support page for stopping robocalls (includes wireline resources).


Information from landline (fixed) providers.

  • AT&T   | Call Protect service is now available to wireline VoIP customers.
  • CenturyLink   | Customer tips and links to block unwanted calls from home.
  • Charter   | Nomorobo: Block Telemarketers and Robo-Callers.
  • Charter (Brighthouse)   | Can I block calls from specific numbers on my Home Phone?
  • Charter (TimeWarner)   | Get detailed instructions for managing your Phone features.
  • Comcast   | XFINITY customer support on how to set up blocking service for unsolicited robocalls to home.
  • Comcast   | Customer support: call types that can be blocked with XFINITY Voice.
  • Frontier Communications   | Consumer guides on call block and priority calling features.
  • NCTA   | The Internet & TV Association’s consumer education resources for preventing robocalls.
  • US Telecom   | Trade association’s consumer education, tools and resources for stopping robocalls.
  • Verizon   | Customer support page for stopping robocalls (includes wireless resources).
  • West Telecom Services   | Customer tips for blocking calls and suggestions for reporting “nuisance” calls.

Government Resources

Consumer Organizations  

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