If your small business is in the right industry, say, farming oilseeds and corn, your past year has likely experienced some gangbusters sales growth. According to recent analysis by Sageworks, several of the fastest growing businesses were in sectors that grew at a double-digit clip during the past 12 months. Sageworks analyst Libby Bierman states, “Construction, metal works, architecture and real estate have all benefitted from the improvement of the housing market this year.” Makes sense: Six of the 10 industries on the list are somehow tied to construction.

According to Sageworks, here are the top 10 fastest-growing small business industry sectors.

10. Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors-concrete roofing, and siding (10.6% Growth)


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9. Specialty food stores (11.0%)

specialty food store

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8. Utility system construction such as water, sewer, oil, gas and electricity (11.3%)

natural gas

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7. Metal product manufacturing (11.9%)


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6. Computer design (13.4%)

software development

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5. Management scientific and technical consulting (13.9%)

scientific management

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4. Architecutre and engineering (14.2%)


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 3. Real estate agents (14.6%)

Real estate

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2. Finishing contractors: dry wall, painting, and flooring (15.0%)


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1. Oil seed and grain farming such as corn, soy and wheat  (19.5%)

Oilseeds and grains

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