If you are a note-taker and fill notebooks with information about various topics, Makezine.com offers this clever idea for adding an index at the end of your notebook that will later make it easy to find the information you’re seeking. These steps for creating the index are from Adam of the blog, HighFiveHQ, who, in this example, is keeping notes for a cookbook.  

Step 1 | Create an index page and add topics each time you write about something new. While index pages are typically found at the back of a book, you can make the front page your index if you want.


Step 2 | When you write in your notebook, determine the topic(s) that you think will serve as helpful tags later when you want to track down what you wrote.


Step 3 | Add a mark to the edge of the page that corresponds to the position where the topic appears on the index page.


Step 4 | Need to see everything you’ve written on a specific topic? You can find those notes immediately.

(via:  Makezine.com and HighFiveHQ; photos via: HighFiveHQ)

How Americans Are Shopping Online | 2018

75% of Americans have purchased something online. However, most of those who have shopped online say they prefer shopping in a bricks and mortar store, according to a new study by NPR and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion