At, we call this  Small Business Gadget Week in honor of the gizmos that are unveiled at the annual CES in Las Vegas (formerly called the Consumer Electronics Show). Here are just a few of the gadgets being unveiled at CES that would come in handy – or just be cool – in any small business. They each were awarded a CES Innovation Award in one of 28 categories. 

Cota Tile | Ossia, Inc.

How the company describes it:

“Cota Tile delivers wireless power without plugs and pads. Built to replace a standard ceiling tile, Cota Tile can charge electronic devices within a 30-foot radius. From offices and hospitals to coffee shops and homes, Cota Tile makes power as convenient, safe and invisible as wireless internet.”

Cubit | Plott

How the company describes it:

“Plott is the consumer technology subsidiary of NWi. Cubit is our first step in tools that are capable of thinking/problem solving, and we are passionately excited about it. By freeing us up from complex measurements and the many, many calculations needed for layout placement, it enables us to focus on the reason why we’re doing a project in the first place. To visually plan out from ‘how it is now?’ to ‘how I want it to be,’ and guiding us to the points to make those changes in real life.”

Nighthawk X10 R9000 Smart WiFi router | Netgear

How the company describes it:

“Nighthawk X10 is the fastest router for media streaming with a Plex media server. Nighthawk X10 with 802.11ac and 802.11ad WiFi technology delivers ultra-smooth 4K streaming and instant downloads.”

Samsung Lifestyle TV | Samsung Electronics

How the company describes it:

“The innovative Samsung Lifestyle TV is a beautiful, always-on, truly smart display that transforms the TV to art, making a home or office more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing no matter the content on the screen.”

Steadicam Volt | Tiffen Company

How the company describes it:

“The Steadicam Volt is a compact, three-axis motorized smartphone camera stabilizer that allows users to stabilize videos like no other product on the market. The Volt is a unique hybrid: direct, precise Steadicam operating for smartphones with electronic gyro-simulated mass.”

NOTE | Currently the Steadicam Volt is a Kickstarter project. As of January 5, it had not reached it goal and a special CES price of $119 is available. Retail will be $199.



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