5 Tips for Taking Great People Photos

Smartphones solved the most daunting challenge of taking great photos: Always have a camera when a photo opportunity presents itself. Yet despite having these advanced digital cameras in our pockets or bags, many of us still fail to capture a good group shot at the office or a family photo around the Christmas tree. That’s too bad as the successful use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all depend on sharing engaging photos, Taking candid and posed photos are becoming an essential marketing skill for all small businesses. Here are some tips from  of CardStore Studio for getting great posed photos of people, at work or at home, in a group or by oneself.

1. Always be thinking about this posing checklist

Don’t mention it out loud, but always be thinking about this checklist of posing tips.:

Shoulders – Relax & pull shoulders back (no hunched backs!)
Chin – Push your chin forward & slightly down (helps avoid double chins, and bringing your chin down will make your neck look defined & slender)
Hands – Ballet hands! Keep your hands soft and relaxed – not rigid, straight, or in a fist or claw.
Arms – Pull your arms away from your body. They’ll look thinner if they’re on your hip, in your pocket or around someone.
Joints – If it bends, bend it! Knees, elbows, fingers, waist – a little bend goes a long way.

2. Posing tips for women and men

Women – Get them to twist their body a bit and not face the camera straight-on. Get them to lean on their back hip & lean slightly forward at the waist.

Men – Keep feet shoulder width apart and shoulders square to the camera. Place their arm around someone or put their hand in their pocket (Watch their thumbs – either 4 fingers in a pocket and thumbs out, or only thumbs in a pocket and fingers out).

3. Posing a group – get in close

Tell everyone to make sure they’re always touching someone else.Tell people to get in as close as they possibly can. Then move in a little closer.

4. Don’t say cheese

Don’t bring attention to the camera — especially if children are involved. Saying “cheese” makes people go rigid and put on a fake smile.

5. Non-posed posing – find the fun person

There’s at least one comic in every bunch. Let them do something ridiculous that will get everyone else laughing and loosened up.

VIA | CardStore Studio