Less than six months after launching the super small performance camera Hero4 Session, GoPro has slashed the camera’s price for the second time. Starting out at $400 in July, the camera was cut to $300 in September. Today, the Hero4 Session is listed on Amazon.com for $199.*

Great reviews, not so great sales

While the small ice cube size camera received positive, even glowing, reviews, the value of its small size and simplicity has not caught on with customers who can purchase feature-packed traditional GoPro cameras* at comparable prices. The GoPro Hero lineup includes three “entry-level” Hero action cameras starting from $129.99 to $299.99, and three “performance” cameras starting from the $199.99 Hero 4 Session to the $499.99 Hero 4 Black.

Is the price now right for the Hero4 Session?

At a $200 price-point, the Hero4 Session may finally catch on as a second (or third) camera for existing GoPro camera users. At $400, the incredible features may have been too much to justify. But at a $200 price point, they may be too tempting to pass up for GoPro fans:

An ice cube | size of camera
2.6 ounces | weight of camera
1 | buttons on the camera
33 feet | maximum waterproof depth
1080p60 | wide-angle video
8 megapixel | photos
Bluetooth and WiFi | built-in
Smartphone app | compatible with GoPro app to video, edit, and share content
Accessories | compatible with all GoPro accessories and mounts

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