(via: TechCrunch | @sarahintampa) Craigslist has long dominated local, online classifieds. However, its failure to adapt to newer technologies — especially mobile — has left room for newcomers to angle their way into the market, including big companies like Facebook, with its local selling groups.

Ebay has also been quietly growing its own local selling marketplace amid this competition, and says today that its Close5 app has been downloaded over seven million times to date.

Ebay hasn’t formally discussed its plans with Close5 until now, having instead focused on building the app’s community and wrangling strategic partnerships like a newer one with a startup called Lugg which allows users to arrange to have items transported across town in an Uber-like fashion.

While eBay is best known for its online marketplace for buying and selling, it also runs local classified businesses in 17 markets worldwide, featuring a dozen different brands. This makes it the largest classifieds company in the world.

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