In the pass few days, the internet’s tech media has been debating non-stop the reports that creators of the current teen obsession photo-sharing social toy, SnapChat, turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

While we’ll leave investment decisions to others, we’re more concerned with the issue explored by Econsultancy’s Christopher Ratcliff: Is Snapchat important enough for a small business to adopt as a marketing tool yet?

Here’s his bottom line on whether or not Snapchat is worth you invest time in:


“My gut instinct would say no (because there are) so many, better platforms out there that have yet to be tapped for their true potential: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest… even Facebook has life left in the old dog yet. Many companies still have so much to learn about using the already established social media networks, and something so flippant and fleeting as Snapchat seems like a waste of time and investment.

“Leave Snapchat for the kids who want to message each other one-to-one away from a digital platform that places their interactions on permanent record, and instead concentrate on marketing strategies for social platforms that offer longer-lasting, meaningful interaction.”

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