Evernote is one of the tools we use to manage SmallBusiness.com. For that reason, we take notice whenever they update their apps or desktop software. Yesterday (January 17, 2017) was a big day for the information organizing platform as they released a major upgrade of their iOS app, Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Here are three things we like about the upgrade

1 | Faster ways to find notes

The home screen has been removed giving the user immediate access to the most recently updated notes. A quick tap of the alarm clock located at the top of any note list brings up all the notes you’ve set up with reminders. To see only those notes associated with particular tags, tap the tag button located at the top of any note list and select the tags you want to filter for.

2 | Faster ways to take notes

The “+” button is used to let Evernote know you want to take a note. Long press the same button and slide your finger to record audio, capture images (such as business cards, whiteboards, and receipts), and set up notifications to remind you to take action on a particular note. (See animated gif above.)

3 | More color

Evernote 8.0 provides more ways to style your text. Use different colors and sizes to create headers and subheaders, call attention to key points, or make it easier to recall information.

8.0 video via Evernote


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