The Gmail iOS app today (November 7, 2016) received its biggest overhaul in nearly four years.

gmail-on-ios_new-app_2-width-1716-width-750Some features of the retooled IOS Gmail App


  • Undo Send | Just like you do on the desktop, to prevent email mistakes
  • Search faster with instant results and spelling suggestions
  • Swipe to archive or delete, to quickly clear items out of your inbox

Feature updates on Google Calendar



  • Month view and week view in landscape view. Seems like a small feature change, but a welcomed one.
  • Spotlight Search support so that you can search for events, reminders, and goals in Apple’s Spotlight Search.
  • Alternate calendars. If you often look updates in a non-Gregorian calendar — like Lunar, Islamic, or Hindu — you can now add that calendar to see those dates alongside your current calendar easily.

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