Last year, we highlighted the activities of the Cash Mob of West Pasco County and how each month, they converge on a small business with cash-in-hand and an important purpose in mind: Shopping to support a community small business.  Cash Mobs are spreading around the country, and we continue to love hearing about them. Especially this one that calls itself a “Love Mob.”

Last Sunday, on Valentine’s Day, 150 members of the First Baptist Church of Hillside, NJ, joined in the Cash Mob movement with a new twist: “A Love Mob.” According to‘s Marisa Iati, the parishioners braved bitter cold and descended on Fresh and Pretty Florist. As with other cash mobs, the participants each purchased items from the small business. On Sunday, the church members purchased enough to clear-out the florist’s entire Valentine’s Day inventory, generating $3,000 in revenues for Fresh and Pretty.

Queen King, owner of the florist since 1988, said it’s hard for small businesses to survive in an era of big-box retailers and online sellers. The First Baptist Church told her in advance that it planned to support her business as part of the Love Mob, and King said she was overwhelmed to see the parishioners flood the store on Sunday. “Had it not been for them, I probably would have been eating some flower soup!” she joked.

Rev. Jones hugs Queen King, owner of Fresh and Pretty Florist.

Rev. Christopher Michael Jones, pastor of First Baptist Church, says that Love Mobs are an expression of church members’ faith.  The church’s first Love Mob took place in January when parishioners spent $5,000 in two hours at a Hillside restaurant. In March, the church plans to rent out several Hillside hair salons and barber shops to provide free haircuts to 100 boys, 100 girls, 100 single mothers who are unemployed, and 100 fathers who are transitioning out of jail or who live in a halfway house.

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