Today, Google announced it is providing two free terabytes of cloud storage for a year through its service called Google Cloud Platform. According to’s Digits Blog, “Google…is offering businesses more free storage in an effort to compete with industry leader Amazon Web Services.”

So you may be thinking, “That’s awesome! Our business uses Google for all of our cloud services and storage. I wonder how much we’ll be saving now that they are giving away two terabytes of free storage?”

The answer is, “none.”

But wait! There’s less.

As we’ve noted before, Google has a history of rolling out products that have similar names and do similar things, but aren’t the same.

The product that Google sells to small (and large) businesses where they store their digital materials on the cloud is called Google Drive. It’s a part of an entire suite of office productivity software and email, a product that’s called Google Apps for Business.

Despite being a Google product that allows you to save data on the cloud, Google Apps for Business and Google Drive have no connection with Google Cloud Platform or the two free Terabytes of storage product.

Google Cloud Platform is a service aimed at developers (who, yes, may be small businesses) who are building apps and digital products that sit atop all this storage. It is intended to compete with Amazon Web Services.

According to the Digits blog, “Some industry insiders predict storage will soon be free.”

Yes, but will that free storage be for Google Drive or just for Google Cloud?

If you don’t follow any of this, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

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