Amazon today issued a “Small Business Impact Report” highlighting details about the million+ small businesses* that sell products on Amazon.

The Small Business – Amazon Ecosystem

As has often shared, when it comes to Amazon and small business, there’s a unique and unprecedented form of coopetition. We’ve even shared a counter-intuitive theory that competition between big-box book retailers and Amazon ended up helping small independent bookstores grow in number.

Today, for reasons we can only guess, Amazon issued an infographic that attempts to show how the company has impacted small businesses in positive ways during the past 20 years.

Here are some highlights, primarily focused on the number of small businesses (including individuals and “medium-sized” businesses*) that sell products on Amazon.

50% | Half of all items purchased on Amazon come from small businesses

50 | The number of states where small businesses are selling on Amazon
1 million | The number of U.S. small business selling on Amazon

300,000 | The number of small businesses that started selling on Amazon in 2017
20,000 | The number of small business that surpassed $1 million in sales during 2017
$1 Billion | The amount lent to U.S. small businesses in 2017 through the Amazon Lending Program

130 | The number of countries where small businesses are selling on Amazon
189 | The number of countries where there are customers who purchase products from small businesses who sell on Amazon
900,000 | Amazon’s estimate of the number of jobs that have been created worldwide by small businesses selling on Amazon

Top product categories sold on Amazon by small businesses

  • Health & Personal Care
  • Home
  • Electronics
  • Beauty
  • Apparel
  • Sports
  • Toys

State-by-State Stats | U.S. Small Businesses Selling on Amazon



But Wait, There’s More

There are many ways, the small business – Amazon coopetition is carried out daily, ranging from fulfillment services to cloud computing solutions. Bottomline: Unlike big-box retailers impact on small, local retailers, the relationship between small businesses and Amazon is still shaking out. For some small businesses, Amazon may be a killer threat. For others, it may be the source of small business creation and success.

*Amazon uses the term “small and medium-sized business.” As believes there is no such thing as a “medium-sized business,” we keep it simple with the term “small business.”



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