The small business marketing management and automation company Infusionsoft announced on Tuesday (April 25, 2017) the launch of a new simple-to-use mobile-based marketing platform called Infusionsoft Propel. According to Terry Hicks, the company’s COO, Propel will allow small business owners and managers with no marketing expertise to develop marketing campaigns. The announcement was made at ICON, the company’s annual user conference in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to Propel, the company unveiled a long list of new features for its existing campaign management platform. 

Background: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a platform of software services that includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing automation, sales automation and e-commerce. The platform also offers a marketplace of third-party features and services from independent “partner developers” and hundreds of agencies and individuals who provide digital marketing services managed with Infusionsoft.

Here’s an example. If you are a small business owner who has contracted with a digital marketing firm or individual to help you manage your online marketing and customer relationship activities, there’s a good chance the platform and tools they use to help you are from Infusionsoft. Similar to the way the financial management software company Intuit markets its services to accountants and bookkeepers who, in turn, can assist their clients who use QuickBooks, Infusionsoft has a model for marketing services like CRM and marketing automation. It works with independent digital marketers who, in turn, provide consulting and creative services to small and local businesses.

The core product of Infusionsoft is an “end-to-end” product that digital marketers can use to manage the distribution and step-by-step follow-up interactions with potential and existing customers. For example, without an automated strategy, a service provider–a house painter, for example–may email an estimate once to a homeowner requesting the estimate. With an automated system, an entire campaign of emails can be sent at pre-planned intervals to follow-up the estimate with a series of relevant messages (or, as Infusionsoft calls it, “follow-up marketing”), depending on the response of the homeowner.

Infusionsoft Propel

Again, using the Intuit analogy, there are many small business owners who, if the software is easy-to-use, will opt for a do-it-yourself approach. Infusionsoft Propel is designed for small business owners and managers with no marketing expertise to develop marketing campaigns, Infusionsoft vice president of product management, Rupesh Shah, told “It starts with organizing customer information and then allows owners to choose from proven marketing campaigns, designed by experts.”

Once selected, Propel guides owners through a step-by-step experience to personalize and run the campaigns in minutes, according to Shah.

Key features of Infusionsoft Propel

Customer Information Organization | Propel collects and organizes customer information wherever it resides, giving users a single, consolidated view and ability to run campaigns

Guided Experience | A simple, guided questions & answers experience with little time commitment that helps users personalize and launch campaigns in just minutes

Templated, Proven Campaigns | Business owners will be able to use a marketplace offering a growing number of proven, templated campaigns that will no require owners to develop marketing skills.

Automation Recommendations | These will guide users through automated follow-up steps recommended to improve results.

Automatic Personalized Branding |  The tool “scrapes” a business owner’s website for the company logo and color scheme to create a personalized business appearance with no effort.

New features announced for Infusionsoft’s legacy platform

Landing Pages | Simplifies getting and capturing leads

Facebook Advertising Services | A done-for-you advertising service that runs Facebook ads on a customer’s behalf each month

WordPress Integration | Infusionsoft users who have built their website on the WordPress platform can now place a simple opt-in form anywhere on their site and have completed form data automatically submitted into Infusionsoft CRM and campaigns

Vimeo Business Integration | Users can add an email capture box within a video to capture leads and send them directly to Infusionsoft.

Translation for International Customers | Infusionsoft users can now automatically create a seamless, end-to-end experience for their customers who don’t speak English. Their customer-facing pages can be automatically translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish, or German.


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