As part of research related to their blog, the ecommerce company Shopify asked their users some open-ended questions, including one we found especially interesting: What almost prevented you from launching your store? A research question worded this way can often lead to more insight than a multiple choice answer. And because the question suggests the respondent ultimately carried through their creation of an online store, it reveals factors or features that can help a customer take the final step to making a decision or selection.

According to Shopify, here are why some of the online merchants almost gave up before they started:

  • “Sheer laziness from unfounded fear.”
  • “Couldn’t figure out the right product to sell.”
  • “Time poor, fear of failure.”
  • “Not being sure about the product… the marketing efforts seem a bit overwhelming, too.”
  • “Don’t know really. Bit scared to take the next step without getting myself in debt. I don’t have all that much to invest.”

In an effort to convert these open-ended answers into quantifiable data, Shopify categorized the answers into these categories of excuses. Do you find yourself in one of these buckets? If so, try to overcome your excuses and start selling.

| 28.2% | Product Creation / Development Issues

| 13.7% | Lack of Money

| 11.1% | Lack of Time

| 11.1% | Lack of Experience / Knowledge

| 7.7% | Fear

| 6.8% | Marketing (General)

| 6.8% | Perfectionism

| 5.1% | Store Tech / Coding / Design Issues

| 4.3% | Buying Inventory

| 2.6% | Choosing a Niche / Industry

| 1.7% | Lack of Strategy

VIA | 2017 Reader Survey


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