No doubt about it: Americans are big-time online shoppers, according to a new survey by NPR and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. And by “online shoppers,” most shoppers mean But just because they’ve bought things online doesn’t mean Americans are turned off by shopping at small retailers or brick and mortar stores of any size. Most of those who have shopped online say they prefer shopping in a brick and mortar store. Here are some highlights of the findings of the survey. 


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69% | Percentage of Americans who have purchased an item online

56% | Percentage of online shoppers who say they prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store
37% | Percentage of online shoppers who say they prefer to shop online

43% | Percentage of Americans who say they are regular online shoppers

2% | Shop online daily
16% | Shop online weekly
25% | Shop online monthly

For many, shopping online means buying from

63%  | Percentage of Americans who say they have bought an item through Amazon
92% | 63% of Americans = 92% of all online shoppers

Amazon shoppers trust the company with their personal information

67% | Percentage of online consumers report having either a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Amazon to protect their privacy and personal information.

Trust of online retailers, in general

52% | Percentage of online consumers who don’t have very much, or no confidence at all, in most online retailers to keep consumers’ personal data secure.

Reasons shoppers give for shopping online instead of making an in-store purchase

88% | The ease in which one can find the product for which they are looking
84% | Saving time
84% | The breadth of product choices
78% | Lack of lines and people
78% | Availability of product reviews by other shoppers
76% | Cheaper prices

Online shoppers avoid paid shipping

90% | Percentage of online shoppers who prefer free shipping even if an item takes longer to arrive.

Brands aren’t dead, but the brand requires greater effort to rise above the noise of so many product choices.

73% | Online shoppers who say they set out looking for a particular brand
18% | are more likely to just be guided by a recommendation from the online retailer.

Brand vs. Deal

When asked about what motivates their choice of products purchased online, the survey participants split their response.

48% | Are more concerned with getting the best deal
47%  | Are more concerned with getting a specific brand.

What shoppers have purchased online

When provided with a list of products, survey respondents say they have purchased these types of products

58% | (Percentage of survey respondents who say they have purchased…) clothes or shoes
48% | (…) Electronics such as TV’s, computers, speakers, or headphones
26% | (…)  Vitamins or supplements
19% | (…) Pet food or supplies
19% | (…) Household basics such as batteries, toothpaste, or garbage bags
18% | (…) Pharmacy basics such as over-the-counter medicines or lotion
14% | (…) Non-perishable groceries
12% | (…) Prescription drugs and health products such as contact lenses

The most expensive item a shopper has purchased online

Online shoppers surveyed say that the most expensive item they have purchased was between…

22% | $100-$249
21% | $250-$499
18% | $500-$999
18% | $1,000-$2,500


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