With the holiday season in full swing, there’s no better time than the present to incorporate new ways of reaching customers. Econsultancy.com breaks down the best tips for small business owners, starting by dissecting the habits of Pinterest users. Not convinced that Pinterest is right for your small business?


Pinterest users spend more: Pinterest shoppers in the United States spend an average of between $140-$180 per order, compared to Facebook and Twitter shoppers who spend on average $60-$80. In the UK, Pinterest has seen a 786% increase in the last year, growing from 901,761 visits in September 2011 to 7,985,316 in September 2012. Pinterest has very quickly shed its niche image and is now in direct competition with Facebook and Twitter. According to a study by Convertro, Pinterest represented 17.4% of social media revenue for ecommerce sites in April 2012, up from 1.2% in Q2 2011. The same survey, which interviewed 7,431 online buyers from August 9 to 17 2012, also found that significantly more online consumers agree that Pinterest is a place to “get inspiration on what to buy” and “help keep track of or collect things I like.”

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