From a company with a “no office” policy, to a 90-year-old entrepreneur who reminds us that it’s never too late to start a business, here are links to some of the most popular small business tips shared during September on

An Inside Look at Automattic’s “No Office” Approach

An interview with Nick Bradbury, a serial business creator and telemanager on what it’s like to work at the radically “no office” approach software company, Automattic.

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How Mentors Helped Vinyl Me, Please Spin Up Success

Vinyl Me, Please founders Matt Fiedler and Severan Johnson share how mentors help guide them to success.

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Things to Follow Other Than Passion When Starting a Business

There are plenty of things that can lead you to start a business. Following your passion is just one of them. Here are others.

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Our New Encore Entrepreneur Hero, the “Spicy” Earl Fultz, 90

At 90, Long Island “encore entrepreneur” Earl Fultz recently won a $25,000 grand prize in the Wells Fargo Works Project small business contest.

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How Natural Gas Helps Lodge Lumber Saw Down Costs

In our series on “How it Helps Us,” interviews a lumber business owner about his conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel some of the company’s vehicles.

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The Essential Elements for Telling Your Company’s Story

Telling your company’s story isn’t just a matter of cause and effect; there are several essential elements to making it have an impact on customers and clients.

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