Yesterday (May 5, 2020), Yelp, the popular online local business directory, announced a major change and enhancement called Yelp for Business. It is “a new way for business owners to understand their performance and manage their presence on Yelp,” according to Alon Shiran, Yelp’s director of product management.

Yelp for Business is an entirely reimagined platform designed to improve the business owner experience with a fresh new user interface that gives business owners more transparency and insight into their Yelp Business Page. This release is the first step in the company’s plans to completely overhaul the business owner experience in order to increase customization and efficiency on the Yelp platform by the end of 2020.”

Alon Shiran 
Yelp director of product management


Updated or new features of Yelp for Business include:

  • Recommendation Cards: Step by step prompts on how business owner sets up their profile.
  • Tips: Business owners will find “tips” sprinkled throughout the home page that will guide them toward the next best steps to reach consumers.
  • Content Feed: The new integrated content feed shares relevant information to business owners based on their particular category and industry. (At first, business owners will be directed toward COVID-19 related content specifically geared toward helping them get through this time.)
  • Faster load and response time: According to Yelp, the new platform is 30% faster than the previous Business Owner Account. 

The new platform is currently available to all business owners and can be accessed in their Yelp for Business account, according to Shiran.  

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