Commercial vans sales continued to rise through November according to the website (See our post for October 2013 sales.). This is a 15 percent increase from last year. The Ford E-Series still continues to dominate the market with 10,145 units sold, 40.6 percent of the overall commercial van industry. Six out of every 10 vans purchased last month were Fords.

Since November 2012, the GMC Savanna has grown 51.1 percent in sales while the Ford Transit Connect has sold 19.3 percent less then it did the year before.

Without further ado (drum roll, please), here are the top nine commercial vans sold in November 2013.

9. Nissan NV200

NISSAN_NV200 commercial vans

(Photo: via wikimedia commons)

621 units in the month of November and 3,826 year-to-date.

8. Ram ProMaster

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 3(Photo: Flickr via Chrysler Group)

828 units in the month of November and 1,398 year-to-date.

7. Ram Cargo Van

 commercial vans (Photo: via wikimedia commons)

792 units in the month of November and 8,149 year-to-date.

6. Nissan NV

Nissan NV, commercial vans

(Photo: via wikimedia commons)

990 units in the month of November and 1,107 year-to-date.

5. GMC Savana

commercial vans (Photo: via wikimedia commons)

1532 units in the month of November and 14,117 year-to-date.

4. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter commercial vans

(Photo: Flickr via kenjonbro)

2010 units in the month of October and 18,988 year-to-date.

3. Ford Transit Connect commercial vans

(Photo: Flickr via ThatHartford Guy)

2,303 units sold in November 2013 and 35,916 year-to-date.

2. Chevrolet Express

commercial vans

(Photos: Flickr via Aldeanjewell and order_242)

5,779 units sold in November and 71,928 year-to-date.

1. Ford E-SeriesFord E-Series, commercial vans

(Photos: via moibibiki & Flickr via Aldean Jewell)

10,145 units sold in November and 112,896 year-to-date.

(Source: Sales figures supplied by the manufacturers and collected by the website

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