The recruiting marketplace Glassdoor has announced the results of its newest jobs report identifying the 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2017. Note: The rankings do not include executive (C-Suite) positions.

11 | Tech jobs among 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2017, more than any other profession.
 6 | Healthcare jobs on the list

New jobs to this year’s list include Nurse Practitioner (#14, $104,144) and Nuclear Engineer (#24, $94,852). Physician Assistant (#7, $112,529) has the highest number of current job openings with 13,547 positions.

“With nearly half the list comprised of jobs in the tech and healthcare industries, this report reinforces that higher salaries are found in America’s fastest job-creating sectors, which require higher education and in-demand skill sets,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Chief Economist. “However, while pay is one of the leading factors job seekers consider when determining where to work, our research shows that salary isn’t necessarily tied to long-term job satisfaction. Rather, the factors that employers should focus on to drive employee satisfaction long-term are having great senior leadership, positive culture and values, and clear upward career opportunities for employees.”

Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America | 2017

RankJobMedia Base SalaryJob Openings
2Pharmacy Manager$149,0642,370
3Patent Attorney$139,272525
4Medical Science Liaison$132,842391
6Enterprise Architect$112,5601,320
7Physician Assistant$112,52913,547
8Applications Development Manager$112,045516
9R&D Manager$111,905185
10Corporate Controller$110,855259
11Software Engineering Manager$109,3501,011
12IT Architect$105,303250
13Software Architect$104,7541,147
14Nurse Practitioner$104,14412,566
15Solutions Architect$102,6784,174
16Data Architect$102,0911,438
18IT Program Manager$98,883250
19UX Manager$98,353263
20Systems Architect$97,8731,167
21Plant Manager$97,1891,286
22Scrum Master$95,1672,072
23Financial Planning & Analysis Manager$94,862501
24Nuclear Engineer$94,852155

(Just in case you are wondering what a Scrum Master is.)


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