If you have a knack for stats and know your way around creating charts from spreadsheets, Google has a new deal for you: Free use of  Google Data Studio, a dashboarding and reporting tool it launched last year. In the world of statistics, a dashboard refers to a web page that aggregates and displays data, typically being pulled in real-time from various online sources. In this case, Google Data Studio is pulling in data from Google sources, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Sheets.

Google released Data Studio last May as part of its Analytics 360 suite. While Google described the tool as “free” then, the earlier release limited users to five reports. The announcement today removed the five report limit. Data Studio is somewhat late to the party, but again, it’s free. Current visualization analytics platforms include Tableau, QlikView and Microsoft’s Power BI.


As one picture of a data visualizing tool is worth 999.9 words, here’s a video explanation from Google about what Data Studio provides.

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