Small Business Week is an annual promotion organized by the Small Business Administration that reminds Americans of the important roles small businesses play in the U.S. economy. It also recognizes outstanding small business owners and those who serve them through various SBA programs.


Free research sources that can help you start or grow a business

If you are thinking of starting a business or growing an existing one, the places to start are the various resources you can find online that provide customer and market information at no cost. Free statistics are readily available to help prospective small business owners. Below are links to several sources of business statistics that will help you conduct market research and competitive analysis. And if these are not enough, check out our monster list of 35 research sources you need to bookmark.

Focus Goal Reference
General business statistics
Find statistics on industries, business conditions
Consumer statistics
Gain info on potential customers, consumer markets
Segment the population for targeting customers
Economic indicators
Know unemployment rates, loans granted and more
Employment statistics
Dig deeper into employment trends for your market
Income statistics
Pay your employees fair rates based on earnings data
Money and interest rates
Keep money by mastering exchange and interest rates
Production and sales statistics
Understand demand, costs and consumer spending
Trade statistics
Track indicators of sales and market performance
Statistics of specific industries
Use a wealth of federal agency data on industries


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