This is a round-up of information shared previously on for  military veterans related to starting and running a small business. These links include resources for veterans who want to start a business or who are currently operating one. Also included is information (and encouragement) about hiring veterans as employees for your business.

8 SBA Resources to Help Veterans Start and Run a Small Business

A list of three Small Business Administration (SBA) financing programs and five other SBA resources that encourage the creation and support of veteran-owned businesses. ()

State Government Agencies That Encourage Business Ownership by Military Veterans

In addition to federal government and private programs related to supporting military veterans who are business owners, most states have offices or agencies that help veterans access their benefits, run programs related to the employment of veterans, and encourage business ownership by military veterans. Here is a list to links to those state agencies.()

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Hire 1 Million Veterans

If every small business in America that has between 10 and 99 employees were to make it a priority to look for a veteran when filling their next position, every veteran would have a job and businesses would have great employees. ()

Resources That Help Small Businesses Find and Hire Veterans

These resources and initiatives–governmental, non-profits, and even a veteran-run startup company–can help you learn more about hiring veterans, and even help you find a perfect one for your company.()

These 10 Fastest-Growing Military Towns Are Helping Grow Small Businesses

Throughout the United States, veterans and active-duty military personnel play an important role in stimulating local economies. But for some cities, the military can be the biggest employer in town. Here are the 10 fastest-growing military towns in America, the home to many small businesses that serve those who serve the nation. ()

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