Columbus Day is one of the most inconsistently celebrated holidays in the U.S. Here’s what we mean:
  • It’s one of 10 official federal holidays, which means federal workers get the day off
  • Because federal offices will be closed, so will banks and the bond markets that trade in U.S. government debt
  • However, some banks will stay opened

•Wells Fargo and Chase will be opened
•Bank of America will not
•Tip: Call your bank to see what they’re doing

  • The U.S. Postal Service will be closed
  • FedEx and UPS are open
  • U.S. stock markets will remain open

Native American groups and other critics, citing Columbus’ mistreatment of natives – have advocated changing the holiday to something else. (“Exploration Day” is one suggestion).

Other states and local governments juggle around the date of a Columbus Day holiday so that workers can have a more practical day off from work. For example, the state of Tennessee has a holiday for Columbus Day, but has moved its observance (and the date for state employees to get a day off from work) to the Friday after Thanksgiving. (Thus, state workers in Tennesse get a holiday for “Black Friday.”)

What state governments are closed today and are giving their employees a vacation

  • 23 states (plus the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico) give their workers Columbus Day as a paid holiday.
  • For other states, Columbus Day may be a paid day off or no different from any regular Monday.


Columbus Day facts and trivia

VIA | Pew Research Center FactTank