Yelp, the online local business directory and review site, recently commissioned Nielsen to analyze its data to discover the largest concentration of highly-rated, local businesses where holiday shoppers can find great gifts. According to that research, here are the top 20 cities to shop local for the holidays. (Be sure to see our handy map below the list.)

  1. Portland, Maine
  2. Lawrence, Kansas
  3. St. Petersburg, Florida
  4. Asheville, North Carolina
  5. Santa Cruz, California
  6. Detroit, Michigan
  7. Bend, Oregon
  8. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  9. Wilmington, North Carolina
  10. Hoboken, New Jersey
  11. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  12. Portland, Oregon
  13. Frederick, Maryland
  14. Flagstaff, Arizona
  15. New Orleans, Louisiana
  16. Worcester, Massachusetts
  17. Savannah, Georgia
  18. Providence, Rhode Island
  19. Seattle, Washington
  20. Baltimore, Maryland

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