It’s a complex “enemy of my enemy is my friend” puzzle to understand, but it appears that shop local efforts of independent booksellers are benefitting.

As we noted in September, the number of independent bookstores are growing. Even more counter-intuitive may be the reason why: has crushed a common-enemy they share with the independents: big box retailers.

Earlier this month, we noted also that Amazon is reaching out to independent bookstores with programs to sell Kindle devices, including options where the stores can participate in ongoing revenue generated by purchases made on the devices.

Today, NPR’s Morning Edition reports on another front where independent bookstores are getting a boost of support from book publishers who view the stores as their best means of reaching active readers–and beating back the power of Amazon.

Like we said, it’s a complex “enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

We think all of this is interesting to watch, but we know there are even more players in this puzzle of big vs. small: readers and authors. We’re pulling for them, as well.

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