(Note: Updated April 2, 2019) Disasters can be massive for small businesses; impacting an entire region of the country. Or they can be isolated to one small business and its employees and customers becoming the victims of disasters like cybercrime or fire or an unanticipated death with no succession plan in place.

That is why we created the
SmallBusiness.com Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery

Here are just a few of the free resources you’ll find in the SmallBusiness.com Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery.

We encourage you to bookmark it before you need it.

  1. It’s Time to Prepare for the Natural Disaster Targeting Your Business
  2. An Extreme Weather Plan is a Life or Death Small Business Requirement
  3. Review These 4 Types of Insurance During Small Business Disaster Planning
  4. The FEMA App is a Must-Have Tool For Every Small Business
  5. Federal & State Government Emergency and Disaster Relief Resources

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