If you are in the eastern part of the U.S. while reading this, chances are you have experienced some weather-related workplace juggling during the past few weeks. As  we’ve noted previously, it’s easy to talk about the weather, but impossible to do anything about it–unless you plan ahead. Recently, a group from Boston University created a large infographic (you can see it at the bottom of this post) that captures some of the direct, and in-direct, impact a small business can experience during and after a natural disaster.

The infographic examines:

How disasters affect companies.

natural disaster

(Photo via wikimedia commons)

Flooding in a building or fires in a warehouse may seem like the most visible of threats to an organization or business, but there are many other ways that a natural disaster can affect your productivity. Damage to the resources and materials needed for consumption or sales will cripple a business, while any harm to capital will keep the transfer of assets to a minimum.

Secondary concerns of the disaster.

Even if your headquarters can avoid damage, indirect means of harm can occur. Not all employees may be able to work, power outages may cease manufacturing or communications, and the supply chain required to move products around may collapse entirely. During the Japan floods of 2011, an organized shutdown derailed production and economics across the globe.

The return on investment in disaster preparation.

natural disaster

(Photo via wikimedia commons)

Every one dollar invested in preparation will be worth seven dollars worth of economic loss. A company should have insurance against natural disasters but also assess the risk that specific disasters would have on their operations. A recovery plan will also help to keep the harm to a minimum.


Infographic: Can Your Small Business Survive a Natural Disaster?

Click on image to see a larger version.


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