Twitter has launched a beta version of Twitter Dashboard, a new free app the company says will help businesses connect with their customers and community. Twitter Dashboard beta is currently available to all U.S.-based businesses as an iOS app and desktop web application.


Twitter Dashboard collects familiar features into a business context.

If you’re already a power-user of Twitter and manage your social media with a third-party platform or a dashboard like Twitter’s TweetDeck, you will immediately recognize that the Twitter Dashboard is a collection and simplification of familiar features. In other words, you may be underwhelmed.

However, if you’ve wanted to use Twitter for your business, but have been intimidated by the process of learning how to use it, you will find Twitter Dashboard an easy step in the right direction.

“Large, dedicated teams typically have the advantage of sophisticated tools provided by Twitter ecosystem partners. But (Twitter Dashboard) is a free tool to give all businesses an advantage in the way they use Twitter,” says Noah Pepper, product and engineering manager for the new app.

Twitter_Dashboard 2

Desktop Twitter Dashboard via: | Twitter Dashboard suggests items and topics you can tweet about or schedule for a later time.

 Twitter Dashboard features

  • Gives managers a clear picture of what’s being said about their businesses
  • Lets them schedule Tweets to be posted later
  • Offers insights about Tweet performance (i.e., analytics integration)
  • Offers tips for topics to tweet about
  • Suggests tweets you may consider retweeting


Twitter Dashboard iOS app

Download |  iOS app  Desktop web application
(At this time, beta version available in U.S. only)

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Twitter Rolls Out a Small Business-Friendly Dashboard

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