Earlier this year, we covered the initial launch of CallJoy, “a virtual phone agent for small business owners.” CallJoy is being developed by Google’s “Area 120,” an in-house product development workshop. Today, the CallJoy team announced a major upgrade in CallJoy features, according Bob Summers, general manager of the product.

“We are greatly expanding our capabilities and releasing a smarter, more intuitive agent that can assist callers by asking a simple question: ‘How can I help you?’ Then, the agent intelligently responds based on the caller’s answer.”

Bob Summers, CallJoy

Owners or managers of local small businesses can enter a set of expected questions or phrases and define what action the agent will take when those phrases are used. The more information a small business owner gives to the agent, the smarter and more responsive CallJoy becomes, says Summers.

For example, a caller might ask a restaurant’s agent, “Do you have vegetarian options?” If the small business had entered the phrase “vegetarian” into CallJoy and defined a verbal response for the agent, the agent could respond, “Yes! Our menu has vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices. Can I text you the link to our online menu?” 

The agent not only “speaks” an answer, it can send a link and then continue the conversation or connect to the business’s phone number.

Features include

  • “How can I help you?”: CallJoy’s phone agent can now ask customers this simple question and answer intelligently based on the caller’s response. (i.e. caller: “Do you have outdoor seating?” CallJoy: “Yes! Would you like me to text you a link to set up a reservation?”)
  • More control over call answering & actions: Businesses can choose whether the CallJoy agent answers calls immediately, after a set number of rings or only after hours.
  • Call transcripts & insights: CallJoy automatically records, transcribes and provides insights about every customer call, which small businesses can use to make better business decisions and train employees.

For a detailed summary of features and pricing, see CallJoy’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Marketing video and images supplied by Google Area 120

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