In a previous post, we provided several helpful tips to help get you over your fear of presenting. One of those tips was this:

Start with a question you know the audience wants to ask.

A new feature Google is adding to its presentation app, Google Slides, goes one step farther: It lets the audience use their laptop or mobile device (iOS or Android) to submit questions that are collected off-screen. If there are multiple questions, the new feature, called Google Slides Q & A, allows anyone in the audience to vote for the questions they’d like the speaker to answer most.

Here’s how Google Slides Q&A works

  • The presentation can be created using Power Point or Google Slides.
  • If created in Power Point, upload it to your Google Slides account and the app will automatically convert formats.
  • The software will ask the presenter a few questions regarding guidelines on who can ask questions or participate in voting questions up or down.
  • The presentation has a Google shortened URL at the top of the screen, letting the audience know where to ask their questions
  • When the speaker is ready, they can choose the questions they want or choose to answer the questions voted for most.

Example of Google Slides Q & A in action

A short demo of Google Slides Q & A by Richard Byrne of Practical Ed Tech.


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