On a day in which the news is filled with reports of the FBI’s “international crackdown” on “creepware” hackers, one of the biggest names in internet security, Symantec, has released Norton Small Business, a new “cybersecurity solution customized to help support and protect small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.”

Yesterday, the FBI revealed that it has detained 90 individuals in several countries who have distributed the “Blackshades Remote Access Tool (RAT)” that allows criminals to steal passwords and banking credentials; hack into social media accounts; access documents, photos, and other computer files; record all keystrokes; activate webcams; hold a computer for ransom; and use the computer in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

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In other words, your worst nightmare. As we’ve noted before, Symantec claims that small businesses were the target of 30 percent of all cyber attacks in 2013. “Small business owners with fewer than 20 employees often wear multiple hats and don’t have the time or resources to manage IT needs,” says Symantec’s Brian Burch.

Norton Small Business will be sold on a subscription bases with a suggested retail price of $99 annually to protect five devices; $199 annually to protect 10 devices; and $399 annually to protect 20 devices. Business owners can add licenses to protect each additional computer, smartphone or tablet for $20 annually. As additional devices are added, pricing is pro-rated to reflect the annual subscription period.

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Norton Small Business will be sold through online retailers including Amazon.com (links to SmallBusiness.com’s affiliate account), Staples.com, NewEgg.com, OfficeDepot.com, OfficeMax.com and Fry’s Electronics. It will also be available in the bricks and mortar retail locations of Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax this spring.

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