A recent report from Intuit called The Appification of Small Business reveals the degree to which small businesses have moved their work-related software needs to the cloud, a trend expected to continue.*

Here are some of the findings of the research.

“The average small business owner is online for four hours a day. What isn’t so obvious, however, is what they’re doing when they’re online. They aren’t checking out their friends’ Facebook feeds, watching YouTube videos, or playing Candy Crush like the rest of us. Instead, small business owners spend their online time running the nuts and bolts of their businesses.”

The Appification of Small Business

What hardware is used most by those who run small businesses?


On average, small business owners spend four hours a day online running their business. The top three online activities are:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting (65%)
  • Generating invoices or accepting payments (65%)
  • Managing existing customer relationships (58%)

What software is used most by those who run small businesses?

what software do small business use

What do small business users want from mobile apps?

mobile apps and small business

The center of the small business cloud is financial management

slide how do small businesses use online tools

81% of small business owners say it is important that the different software solutions they use work seamlessly together. Increasingly this includes mobile solutions.


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 (Illustration: ThinkStock, Graphics: Intuit)

*SmallBusiness.com contributor Steve King is a partner in Emergent Research. Emergent contributed to the report.

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