According to an article published December 8, 2015, on the Fact Tank blog of the Pew Research Center, in their most recent survey of internet usage by adults, Pew included a category called “almost constantly” as a response option when asking about frequency of internet use. As you might guess, there are a lot of us living online. Here are some highlights (or lowlights, depending on your personal point-of-view) from the article. (The article did not include a link to findings of study.)

Internet usage by all adults

73% | (Percentage of Americans) Online daily
21% | Online almost constantly
42% | Several times a day
10% | Once a day
13% | Several times a week or less
13% | Do not use the internet at all

Internet usage by adults, 18-29

36% | Online almost constantly
50% | Several times a day

Internet usage by adults, 65 and older

6% | Online almost constantly
24% | Several times a day

Internet usage by mobile device users

And as is true for teens, adults with mobile connectivity are especially likely to be online a lot.

75% | Use a mobile device to access internet (at least occasionally)
87% | Percentage of mobile users who go online daily
27% | Percentage of mobile users online almost constantly

Internet usage by demographics other than age

29% | College educated adults online almost constantly
14% | High school educated (or less) adults online almost constantly
89% | College educated who are online daily
28% | Adults with household income $75,000+ online almost constantly
91% | Adults with household income $75,000+ online daily)
16% | Adults with household income $30,000 or less online almost constantly
23% | Urban and suburban adults online almost constantly
14% | Rural adults online almost constantly

State Minimum Wages | 2019

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