At age 90, Betty White won her first Grammy. In 2013, at age 91,  Guinness World Records awarded her for having the longest television career for a female entertainers. At age 92, she’s co-starring in the fifth season of the TV situation comedy, TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland. (Her first situation comedy aired in 1952.)

(via Working past age 66 may not be everyone’s idea of a dream “retirement,” but for many baby-boomers, it could represent the future. A 2013 Wells Fargo survey showed that one-third of respondents expect to work until “at least 80” for lack of retirement savings. There are other reasons to continue working, even if you’ve built up a suitable nest egg: You’re at the peak of your career, you want to stay engaged by working part-time, or you’re eager to start a new venture. No matter your motivation, you’ll face decisions that can have a lasting effect on your retirement well-being.


Even working a few years past full retirement age–66 for those born in 1943 to 1954–can make the difference between living in relative comfort during retirement and scrimping to pay the bills. A steady paycheck means you have more time to save, and the nest egg you’ve accumulated can keep compounding…

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