While Super Bowl ads are predominantly aimed at consumers of snack foods, soft drinks, beer, insurance and upcoming big-budget movies, typically a few companies use the event to reach small business owners and managers. This year, the most obvious category of small business-aimed advertising on the game (at a cost of $5 million per 30 seconds)  are web service providers. If you don’t want to wait until the game to see the commercials, here they are.

GoDaddy & GoCentral

GoDaddy brings to life some of the best-known internet memes to introduce GoCentral, a new service that combines a website builder with an integrated set of marketing and e-commerce tools to help small businesses and individuals get their ideas noticed.

(Video removed)


Who knew? (We don’t get out much.) Actor John Malkovich is also a fashion designer. The plot of this long-form commercial will feel familiar to many small businesses: Someone has grabbed his perfect internet domain name. In the commercial (and remember, it’s only a movie), we learn what it’s like being John Malkovich trying to obtain the domain name JohnMalkovich.com. (Note: It’s as strange as it sounds and bleeps out some words that you’ll find easy to translate.)


The premise to this commercial is that Wix.com makes it so easy for a small business owner to create a website (in the commercial, it’s a restaurant), not even an action-packed movie fight scene starring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot could interfere.

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