If you’re like most people who run small businesses, you don’t have lots of time for watching TV. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself in a spot where you have a few minutes to kill: say, you’re standing in line or in a waiting room or grabbing a sandwich between meetings. That’s when you can pull out your smartphone or tablet and watch the latest cat videos posted on YouTube OR you may want to view some inspiring business-related programs available all over the web.

To help you find some of those business-related programs, we’re starting a new feature called, “Online Video Worth Bookmarking.” A great example of what we’ll be suggesting are the videos that have been created as part of Bloomberg’s Game Changers, an impressive collection of documentaries available for streaming on the Bloomberg.com website.

Each 30-45 minute documentary provides a tight look at the leaders of some of the most successful businesses of the current era. The documentaries feature such innovators as Mark Zuckerberg, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, Warren Buffett, Magic Johnson and Rupert Murdoch.

A good Game Changer documentary to start with is this one on Jeff Bezos:

(Featured image via Thinkstock.com)


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