How to Avoid Jet Lag: Sync Pre-Travel Meals With Destination Time Zone

Here’s some great advice for avoiding jet lag via Travel + Leisure: Schedule your meals around your destination time zone before you actually arrive. This helps you adjust to a new time zone before you arrive.

  • Meals help to regulate a person’s underlying rhythms
  • Eating meals in sync with your destination time zone helps to adjust such rhythms before arriving

However, it may be a challenge to rearrange your eating times. For example, when traveling on an overnight flight, it could mean that you’d need to be sleeping when the meal is served. You can ask the flight attendant to save your meal for later or just bring your own snacks in order to start the day with a breakfast.

Help your body make more sense of a time difference by using meals as a guideline. 

Bonus tip for avoiding jet lag | Don’t drink alcohol on a long-distance flight as it can act as a stimulant, making jet lag worse.

Travel + Leisure | How to Eat Your Way Out of Jet Lag

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