Business travel can be a stress-ridden experience. In the air, on the road, or even in a hotel or restaurant, there’s an endless number of hassles out there. For those regularly trekking cross-country, here are some of the favorite Smartphone travel apps users have said they use to help cope with road woes.


TripIt keeps your entire trip organized from your smartphone—it stores and converts email confirmations (for flights, hotels, car rentals, appointments) into an itinerary that can be viewed in the app or on your Outlook and Google calendars. You can also share your travel plans on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, so it’s perfect for coordinating group trips. (iPhone | Android)

SeatAlert by ExpertFlyer

To avoid the elbowroom deficit that comes along with the middle seat, check SeatAlert for notifications when better seats are released by airlines. In the premium version, information is available on best fares and seats for booking and gate changes and wait times once you’re through security. (iPhone | Android)


Keeping up with costs for reimbursement is always a burden. Expensify allows you to save receipts using a SmartScan feature, in addition to tracking your time, mileage, and other travel expenses. Expense reports can be emailed or exported as PDFs at the end of your trip. (iPhone | Android)


Our top pick for cloud-based file sharing, Dropbox allows you to easily access, store, transfer, and share files. Perfect for on the go, when an external hard drive would bog you down. (iPhone | Android)

WiFi Finder

This app scans for Wi-Fi hotspots around you and lets you search for free public Wi-Fi, something that’s essential when you’re on the road and need Wi-Fi fast. (iPhone | Android)


Instead of relying on taxis when traveling, download Uber before taking off on your next business trip. The service is available in over 100 cities and over 30 countries, so your chances of finding a ride once you touch down are good. Here’s how it works: request a ride using the app, use the app to watch as your driver arrives, get in, then pay through your smartphone (no need for cash!) once you arrive at your destination.  (iPhone | Android)


Kayak advertises itself as “a travel search engine,” so downloading the app will give you access to the lowest prices on car rentals, hotel rooms, and airfares. The app also features a flight tracker and itinerary management, making it easy to keep the details of your trip all in one place. (iPhone | Android)


TripAdvisor is unique in that it compiles over 150 million user reviews for hotels, restaurants, and activities in cities around the world. Also included are booking options for hotels, flights and restaurants, so once you find the perfect destination, making a reservation is easy. Use the “Near Me Now” feature to find local attractions by using your current location on your smartphone–it’s a great way to find a quick bite or a way to spend a free hour in a new city. (iPhone | Android)


Whether you’re renting a car or just leaving your car at the airport, this app will help you keep track of where you left your car. For an airport garage, the app offers features like storing the garage level and spot number, and for city parking, the app tracks the time left before your meter expires. Just click the app when you’re leaving your car and your car’s location will be stored. The free version of the app, TakeMeToMyCar, is also useful, though it only saves your car’s location. For the deluxe version, you’ll have to shell out $.99. (iPhone | Android)


If you’re planning on traveling to an area where cell phone service is questionable, PocketEarth serves as an apt replacement to the more commonplace Maps. With worldwide maps and guides, PocketEarth provides GPS services for whatever area or region you download, all with no data charges. The app also offers links to entertainment near your current location, like restaurants, shopping, transportation and sightseeing. (iPhone only)


mPassport allows you to find top-notch medical care wherever your business takes you–even overseas. The app locates doctors, dentists, mental health providers, and clinics, then helps you request an appointment. The app also has translating services: it takes medical terms and translates them into your chosen language, and it will even pronounce them so that you’re sure to communicate clearly with your healthcare provider. Even if you’re just looking to refill a prescription, mPassport will match your medications to current brand names and will tell you where you can find the medicine you need. (iPhone | Android)


A community driven GPS service, Waze offers a plethora of services to its users. In addition to providing directions, Waze boasts real time traffic information, where to find cheapest gas prices, the ability to synch with friends driving to the same location, and automatic rerouting as road conditions change during your trip. It’s perfect for a trip, where you may not be familiar with the local traffic patterns. (Note: Waze won’t allow you to share information if the car is moving, unless you indicate a passenger is using it. We like you alive, so we encourage you to follow those guidelines, also.)  (iPhone | Android)

Google Translate

Google Translate is necessary for any overseas travel you have in store–with the ability to translate into over 80 languages, communication will be easy regardless of your language skills. It translates speech and handwriting directly, and you can also star your favorite and most used phrases so that you’ll have access to them even when offline. (iPhone | Android)

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