Online lending company Funding Circle recently conducted a survey* of over 1,000 business owners to learn more about their relationships with their parents. Here are some of their findings.

A strong work ethic is the #1 skill business owners say they learned from their parents.

74% | Learned strong work ethic from their dads
67% | Learned strong work ethic from their moms

49% | Learned confidence from their dads
41% | Learned confidence from their moms

40% | Learned resilience from dads
40% | Learned resilience from moms

Investments from parents not typical

Cross-generational family businesses are common throughout American history up to the current economy. However, when it comes to an off-spring seeking startup capital from a parent, small business owners indicate it’s rare.

72% | Business owners who never borrowed money for their business from a parent.

*Funding Circle Small Business Survey, March 2017. A total of 1,377 U.S. small business owners completed the survey between March 1-13, 2017.

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