During 2016, we discovered and shared lots of helpful small business links, advice, and resources. Here are seven of the most useful posts and articles that together have 130+ links that may come in handy some day.

1 | How Much Investment Does it Take to Start a Small Business?

The internet, cloud computing and the general cost declines associated with technology have made it much cheaper and easier to start a business than in the past. (LINK)

2 | How Small Business Owners Differ From Others in Debt, Money & Demographics

A comparison of characteristics and demographics between those who own small businesses and those who do not. (LINK)

3 | 8 Keys to Business Longevity

While some companies come and go, others go on and on. Here are some reasons why. (LINK)

4 | 10 Small Business Online Accounting Software Platforms

A side-by-side comparison of features in ten online accounting software solutions for small businesses. (LINK)

5 | 20 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About U.S. Small Business (and Answers)

How many small businesses are there in the U.S. and 19 more of the most frequently asked questions about small business. (LINK)

6 | 35 Data Sources About Business From U.S. Government Agencies

A wide range of small business data sources provided by the U.S. federal government. (LINK)

6 | Agencies in all 50 States That Issue Small Business Licenses and Permits

Links to state agencies that issue various types of business licenses and permits. (LINK)

7 | 10 Ingredients for Business Success from Gallup

A mix of these ten ingredients is found in the profile of people who successfully start and grow businesses. (LINK)

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