What American cities are great places to start a business? When is the best time to purchase a low fare airline ticket? Answer to these questions and more were among October’s best small business tips on SmallBusiness.com:

10 Great Cities for Starting a Business

Low taxes, affordable cost of living and an existing community of thriving small businesses are part of the criterial used when Kiplinger.com developed this list. ()

The Best Time to Purchase Low Fare Airline Tickets

Social media and the ability to alert travellers by email and text message have changed the pattern of airline ticketing sales. New best time for lowest fares: 57 days ahead on a Sunday. ()

How to Use the New Apple Maps Connect to List Your Business on Apple Maps

Apple has launched a website for local businesses to manage their listing on the Apple Maps feature used on iPhones and with Mac computers. ()

How the Price of Oil Impacts Your Business

If you’re in the oil and gas business, lower prices are probably not what you want. However, in the short term, the fall of gas prices works like a tax cut. Here’s how. ()

Tech Support Flowchart for the Small Business With No Tech Support

A funny cartoon flow chart actually works for solving most of your minor tech problems.

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