As we’ve noted before, according to Gallup, Americans have lost their confidence in most institutions. However, there are two exceptions to that trend: the military and small business. Want to know why? (1) Those in the military risk their lives to protect their country; (2) Small businesses do things like this:

A few weeks ago, 68-year-old Yolanda Portillo, a resident of Kingman, Ariz., lost a little over $2,00 in a parking lot near a new boutique she is opening.  She told the local newspaper, the Kingman Daily, that she had taken out the money to pay the bills she owed for the grand opening of the boutique.  Portillo said she put the money in her jacket pocket, but when she got home the envelope with the money was gone.

After reading about the lost money in the Daily Miner, Jason Marino of Imagine Photography logged onto the, “What’s Up Downtown Kingman,” Facebook group and suggested that Kingman retailers each donate $50 to the cause..

Marino and Leah Burkhart of Gracie’s Vintage, teamed up to spearhead the effort. “It’s a simple gesture,” Marino said. “I’m always happy to give back to the community,”

“We look out for each other,” Burkhart said. “Small business needs to stick together.” Within a few days, they had collected $1,495. Marino and Burkhart invited Portillo to come by Gracie’s Vintage store where they surprised her with the contributions from the small business owners.

As you can see from the YouTube video, Portillo was surprised and tearful when Burchart and Marino gave her the money raised.

Video | Jason Marino

“Y’all are angels,” Portillo said, clearly amazed.

About 20 local businesses donated money to the fund, including

Do you have examples of small businesses making a bug difference in your home town or community, please let us know via email: [email protected]

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