The community-driven travel map,Waze is rolling out “Waze Local,” geo-targetd advertising for small and local businesses. Previously, advertising on Waze was limited to national brands. Designed to be simple to set up and use, Waze Local features three ad units and two types of accounts. 

Waze has a near cult-like following among those who spend their days driving trucks or cars. (Waze fans constantly post articles with subject lines that include, “Google Maps vs. Waze.”) Unlike other mapping services, including Waze owner Google, Waze doesn’t just tell you where the worst traffic between you and your destination, Waze shows you why. How? By allowing a passenger in a car (there are plenty of warnings against drivers doing this while operating an 18-wheeler) tap on an icon indicating if there has been a wreck (or any of a dozen other possible causes) in front of you. For several years, Waze has carried ads from national brands of hotels, fast foods and service stations. The new Waze Local ads will enable local merchants, restaurants and other local companies, to place directional brands on Waze.

Waze Local ad formats

Branded Pin | Provides additional information when clicked.
Promoted Search | gives priority rankings to advertisers in a search context (like AdWords)
Zero Speed Takeover | A banner that appears during traffic stops

Here are mockups of the three ad formats.

( via Search Engine Land)


Waze Local accounts are managed on an account dashboard — similar to managing a Google Adwords account. There are two types of accounts (in addition to the current national brand account).

Starter Account | Businesses with fewer than 10 locations that spend a minimum of $2 per day
Plus Account | Businesses with up to 50 locations

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