Most small businesses in a four-nation survey are using the cloud and relying on apps to run their business, according to research released by Intuit. The study covered a total of 2,000 small businesses; 500 each in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Below are some highlights along with an embedded PDF of the survey findings.*

What percentage of small businesses surveyed use web or mobile apps?

68% | Use mobile or web-based apps in the operation of their business
82% | (Of those using apps) Use between one and six apps to run their business.
66% | Use a smartphone

While tech-savvy businesses are integrating apps in record numbers, they are also running into persistent barriers with existing apps

41% | Unsure of which apps are best suited for their business
39% | Concerned with costs to integrate and train on apps
23% | Complexity is a concern

The Appification of Small Business Report | 2016 (PDF)

To view the report use the arrows ( back) (forward ) at the bottom left corner of the reader. If you are having trouble viewing the report, click here.

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*In 2015, Intuit conducted a similar study of U.S. small businesses.


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